Access Control

Green Security offers a range of solutions for access control.

A common requirement for access control is for providing protection for people by ensuring the customer can see who is at the door before opening the door or even then using the system to release the door to allow entry. This can be achieved by having a small unit on the outside of the property enclosing a small camera, microphone, speaker and button for the person wishing to enter to press, pressing this button then causes the unit inside the property to sound an audible warning, using the multifunction unit the customer can then view who is standing at the door, talk both ways with the person and also release the door if required.


Access Control
Access Control 2

Other solutions offered include single and multiple door entry using cards, fobs or user codes. Simple one door systems are also offered for the protection of a single door, normally for protection of a private room in a public place (eg. store room in a shop).

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Access Control 3

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