Green Security Designs and installs a variety of CCTV systems from Domestic installations to larger commercial systems, offering a wide range of equipment from small, discreet, vandal proof dome type cameras designed for domestic installations to larger traditional bracket mounted cameras.

With a wide range of equipment available Green Security can ensure each installation is designed and installed exactly to your requirements.


Viewing Your Cameras:

CCTV systems can be viewed in many ways, the most common way to view is on a monitor near to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), where necessary systems can be viewed on multiple screens, normally in commercial premises.

Another common way to view in a domestic situation is to use a television enabling the user to view the cameras at any time. DVRs are also available with a small built in screen designed for neatness and also very handy in locations where there is not a lot of space available.

Networkable DVRs are capable of being viewed on any computer locally (in your premises) and also anywhere in the world using the internet, this can be very useful for customers who spend long periods of time away from home or for those who need to keep an eye on there work premises. People are sometimes under the impression that this type of system can be very expensive but in fact this feature is normally of no extra cost to an average installation.

Alien DVR

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